Rack of People

Year: 2006
Materials: Steel and gravel
Housed: Artist

Rack of People was a proposal for a memorial in Hyde Park. This is a model of a structure that would be life sized. The idea is to present a memorial so that our children might learn from history and relate to it.

Rack of people is a 3D illustration of the Brooke ship. The repeated shapes of the slaves laid down like sardines without a thought of the space needed to turn on their sides to get comfortable or to do any daily activities like eating and ablutions. The gravel tray is scaled to represent the size of the ship and the ‘tower’ of people is a section of the ship. The man on top is rising above the horror below.

The gravel I hope reminds people of the sea and the countless people thrown off the boats and the people that died during the crossing.

Rack of people is replica ship to walk around. So we never forget the human scale and the size of the ships that took part in this passage in history.

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