Blind Love and Grace

Year: 2016
Materials: Steel, oil barrels, aluminium, gold, and copper leaf, acrylic paint
Housed: Artist

Blind Love and Grace was part of the Primavera exhibition at the October Gallery in 2016.

The reinterpretation of a section of Botticelli’s painting. Created with oil barrels, cut in half then and opening up revealing Grace. A figure dressed in lace and a red shawl, looking like a West African lady but with the style of a renaissance figure.

The barrels are broken into branches that fan out to create an environment a  forest and light behind the figure of Grace. She holds up her hand as if blessing or giving benediction to the viewer. Banana trees balance the stage either side of her and a fat cherub pointing his arrow in readiness to pierce someone’s heart flies above. Everything is made of steel but they all seem light.

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