Year: 2015
Materials: Steel, Toy cars
Housed: Artist

Botticelli painted ‘Primavera’ and one of the women in the painting is Flora Primavera is a painting about Spring, the entire piece (Allegory of the Spring) to which Vasari gave the name Primavera – some 70 years after Botticelli finished it.

Most people recognize the word ‘Primavera’ as something to do with spring, without knowing all the facts. I have approached this work intuitively. The idea of spring, flowers, so bright and colorful that they look like sweets, mixed with new toy cars, that my nieces children play with. Materialism and a clash of the past and the present. My sculpture carries flowers and toy cars that she seems to be collecting or giving away.

When I look at Botticelli’s painting the beautiful people their fine clothes wealth and fantasy is so compelling. Primavera (the sculpture) is a visual image with a twist.

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