No-o-war-r No-o-war-r

Year: 2003
Materials: Steel
Housed: Artist

‘No-o-war-r No-o-war-r’ is a celebratory piece that captures Londoners’ diversity and energy. Trafalgar Square has a history of famous protest speeches and demonstrations. Capturing this feature of London life on the 4th plinth will crystallise this history and acknowledge both the contribution made by our forebears to our democratic rights, and our duty to continue to exercise those same rights. My aim is to depict ordinary people as heroes. This acknowledges the plinth’s context in the reliefs at the base of Nelson’s Column. These commemorate the ordinary soldiers and sailors that fought in, and were the true heroes of, Nelson’s campaigns. I am also inspired by Rodin’s ‘The Burghers of Calais’, a cast of which usually stands by the Houses of Parliament. Its human scale, accessibility and theatricality are things that I would like to bring to the square. It also expresses a similar theme of ordinary heroism and sacrifice for the greater good. Made of stainless steel, my sculpture will have a colour different from that of the other sculptures on the square. Stainless steel naturally possesses a slight blue colouring and it can easily be drawn out. It will bring a machine-age sheen to the traditional cast bronze and worked stone of its surroundings.

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