Year: 2003
Materials: Stainless steel and glass
Housed: Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

My work for N&NUH was developed in reaction to the Atrium and was also a reaction that my sculpture was going to be placed in a hospital. When I visited the site, the Atrium was stark but like a glass house with rays of the sun moving to different positions through out the day. The Atrium faced beautiful green fields at the entrance and I felt it would be wonderful to bring the landscape inside the building. In my research I found out about a strange fairy story about green children who had been discovered in Norwich. They were green all over and their colour changed only after being in Norwich for a long time and one of them died. Living in London which is so grey and hearing about these green people in Norfolk which is so green. It seemed natural to believe in this story because of the landscape. My Branches (sculpture) has green glass inserted into the steel, so that it seems as if even steel can be changed. There are a mixture of steel leaves and glass leaves. The branches hang from columns to create a forest. The columns are like tree trunks. The branches are organic but are made of steel and echo the landscape. The Atrium is also like a stage and when one is in hospital it is a moment in ones life that can be decisive and intrusive as the word stage describes. The branches are repeated in different shapes and patterns. There are five branches spanning the Atrium leading you into the building/forest. There is more green glass as the branches move deeper into the building. I hope this creates reflections as the sun moves through the Atrium. When people spend time in N&NUH I hope they are able to dream about life and its beauty, just by looking at this interpretation of nature which is such a powerful element in our lives.

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