God’s Children/God’s Gift

Year: 2016
Materials: Oil barrels, olive oil cans
Housed: Artist

This sculpture was created for an exhibition ‘Between the Worlds’ Schloss Roskow Germany in response to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Creating or acknowledging a new law is like creating new people. Our behavior and aspirations should change because of these new laws. A new law supporting children all over the world is a good start to a better future.

At the moment I am very inspired by ancient art from Italy Botticelli, Michael Angelo and so on, looking at iconic images from the Sistine chapel I was attracted to the painting of God creating Adam, I love the hand gesture of this composition as so many people recognize it. Interpreting this in steel, I have decided to concentrate on god and his cloak of cherubs and people. Was Michael Angelo trying to express how complex God is? Anyway my rendition is god with children in his cloak. His hand is out stretched. Once installed, I hope viewers will adopt Adam’s iconic pose of almost touching God.

My sculptured god and his children are created from recycled oil barrels and olive oil cans, oil is wealth, anointed in oil, are these children good or bad? Is oil bad? It was created by God (if you believe in him).

My hope is to create a layered work that is contemporary but has a core of Western art history.

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