All that Glitters

Year: 2013
Materials: Steel oil barrels and gold leaf
Housed: Artist

I was not sure what sort of title to give this piece ‘ All that glitters …pretending.’ I wanted to continue making works like ‘Jesus loves me’ figures in Hip-hop and R&B poses. I came across a photograph of an east London Asian boy with his arms folded and his legs in a splits position in a church door way and I thought it was so striking. Full of bravado and also history in that it could be a pose from some traditional religion but the person performing it was in jeans with his T-shirt off, twisted into his pocket.

Anyway I love the ‘balls’ of successful Nigerians and the theme of showing off seemed like a good idea for this work to follow. The glittering woman is not only glittering she is showing off being invincible, astride sliced oil barrels. Cool. And a little funny. Could this be a description of Nigeria at this time? I am trying to look at the positives in life.

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